First Nations Regalia Supplies

Betty’s is proud to provide our First Nations communities with regalia supplies as well as traditional Native American craft supplies. Crafting and Regalia-building supplies we carry include, but are not limited to: 

  • Satin (90 colours) 
  • Broadcloth Fabric
  • Unique Selection of Printed Cotton Material
  • Pelts (rabbit, beaver, fox, coyote) 
  • Leather Skins (wedding white & natural deer skin, split cowhide, elk and moose hides) 
  • Beads (large collection with many colours)
  • Ribbons and Fringes
  • Jingle Cones and Bells
  • Bias Tape in Bulk (many colours, cut to size)
  • Sinew & Thread
  • Conchos, Finishing Pieces and Notions
  • High Quality Cedar Drum Frames (circle and oval in many sizes)
  • Pendleton Gifts

We also carry a variety of First-Nation inspired collectibles, books, and blankets. To browse and shop many these products now check out our online store Up the Lake Trading.

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